Published on July 16, 2021

Exhibit Hall Reopens with New Bird Features


Wellfleet Bay’s exhibit hall has fully reopened and now features the new Jane Baker Nord Bird Exhibit, which includes expanded bird habitat and educational displays.

The exhibit hall space underwent a major redesign in 2018. Two years later, additional improvements were completed. Adjacent to the bird feeder viewing area, visitors can enjoy a beautiful nature mural by Cape-based artist Barbara Harmon which showcases the habitats and wildlife found at Wellfleet Bay. “Barbara’s attention to detail and quality of illustration are remarkable,” says visitor experiences coordinator Christine Bates. “I think parents and kids will have fun trying to find all the animals in each of the panels.”

Wildlife Stream

A notable addition to the bird feeder area is a new stream which runs continuously and provides a source of bathing and drinking water for birds and other wildlife. There is also a variety of new native plantings in the area chosen to attract and support birds and pollinators. A live camera feed of the stream is now viewable on the Wellfleet Bay website.

New Bird Exhibits

In the bird feeder area, visitors can take advantage of new touchscreen exhibits showcasing the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s All About Birds website, a comprehensive guide to the birds of North America. Two new learning station exhibits focus on Wellfleet Bay’s signature bird—the Whimbrel—and ongoing research on Pine Warblers, a common breeding bird at the sanctuary


While visiting the exhibit hall, don’t forget to check the marine life tanks for new additions, including a Banded Rudderfish in the Cape Cod Bay tank. This member of the jack family has quickly formed a school with our two blue runners, also members of the jack family.

The exhibit hall is open during Nature Center hours which are 7 days a week, 9 AM–4 PM.