Published on February 21, 2020

Education Interns Share First Impressions of Sanctuary & Cape Cod

Education interns Rachel Rigolosi and Kathryn Borowicz

Wellfleet Bay's new education interns, Rachel Rigolosi and Kathryn Borowicz, have been busy from day one! 

In just their first week, they got an overview of the sanctuary's research and conservation programs from Science Coordinator Mark Faherty, learned about Native American history on the Outer Cape with naturalist Jim Sweeney, and toured the property with Assistant Property Manger Aja Reeser.

They also quickly whipped up a public presentation about coastal birds and climate change! And on top of all that, they visited some of the many local classrooms where Wellfleet Bay educators teach on a daily basis.

Now that it's been a little over a month since they first arrived, we decided to check in and ask them to share some of their impressions of the Cape and their experiences thus far. "One of my favorite parts of this job is being able to come in and think about science every day—and having a chance to share that information," Kathryn says. "And I got to drive an electric car for the first time!" (The sanctuary bought its first electric car in summer 2019.)

Rachel says she's had some memorable classroom experiences. She recalls a lesson about reptiles and the fact that many animals like turtles and snakes are cold-blooded. "We had a grab bag of objects representing various reptile characteristics, including an ice pack that was supposed to refer to cold-blooded animals," she says. "When Kathryn asked the students what the ice pack was for, one of the kids said, 'In case the turtle gets hurt?'"

"I thought it was the cutest thing ever!" she adds.

Both interns are recent college graduates. Kathryn, who's from Michigan, majored in biology and environmental science and has a teaching certificate; Rachel, who grew up in New Jersey, has a degree in environmental science and forestry. Their internships are designed to provide professional opportunities in environmental education, and are made possible by a generous grant from the Eric and Jane Nord Family Fund.

Although they say they've enjoyed the winter here, both young women are anxious to experience Cape Cod in spring. "When there's more sun," says Kathryn, "and it's above 40 degrees!"