Community Meeting to Share Plans for Proposed Micro Wind Turbine

Gaia Wind Micro Turbine

We want to thank the friends and neighbors who turned out last month to review plans for our proposed 11kw Gaia-Wind micro turbine and to share their thoughts with us. We appreciate both the feedback and excellent questions.

For those who were unable to attend, we are posting some of the graphics that were displayed to give a better idea of the size of the turbine relative to other tall structures in the immediate area.

We are awaiting the results of our sound study from consultants, Epsilon Associates. When we receive them, a summary will be posted on this site.

We’ve been asked how much real impact this small turbine would have on reducing the sanctuary’s reliance on conventional power usage. While the turbine, like our photovoltaic solar arrays and our nature center’s passive cooling and heating systems, will not necessarily allow us to be entirely “off the grid,” it will definitely make us less dependent on power generated with fossil fuels. More importantly, it expands on Mass Audubon’s goal of addressing the impacts of climate change by reducing our own carbon footprint, promoting the use of renewable energy, and helping the public learn about ways they can do this at their homes and workplaces.

We anticipate filing for permits in the next month. The information we submit will be made available to the public and updates will be posted here.

As always, we welcome your responses and questions about this project. You can email sanctuary director Bob Prescott or call 508-349-2615. (There will also be a display about the turbine in our exhibit hall this summer).

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Wind Turbine Comparisons

Height of Proposed Turbine Compared to Existing Local Structures