Sensory Trail at Wellfleet Bay

Mass Audubon created this self-guided, fully accessible nature trail so everyone could experience the very special nature of Wellfleet Bay. The Sensory Trail overlays the Robert R. Read-All Persons Pathway and Goose Pond Trail which increases accessibility for all visitors.

Distance: Approximately one-quarter mile long from the Nature Center to Goose Pond.


  • Trail follows a wide path with a smooth, packed surface.
  • There is a boardwalk at Goose Pond.
  • At Marker 6, an optional short boardwalk leads to a sturdy dock.
  • Most of the trail is level, with one gentle slope between Markers 4 & 5.
  • There are no stairs or steep slopes.
  • An audio tour of the Sensory Trail is available for download.

While you are on the trail

  • Listen for songbirds and shorebirds,
  • Visit various woodland, freshwater and salt marsh habitats,
  • Learn about photovoltaic arrays and other ecologically-sustainable practices, and
  • Explore the cultural and natural history of Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

We hope you’ll enjoy your visit and that this trail will enrich your senses in new ways.

Audio Tour

You can download the Audio Tour and play it on your iPod or other MP3 player. 

Spring - Summer Tour

Fall - Winter Tour

spring-summer00 3.64 MB
spring-summer01 3.07 MB
spring-summer02 3.08 MB
spring-summer03 1.72 MB
spring-summer04 3.00 MB
spring-summer05 3.74 MB
spring-summer06 4.89 MB
spring-summer07 1.61 MB
spring-summer08 3.72 MB
spring-summer09 1.79 MB
spring-summer10 2.37 MB
spring-summer11 3.33 MB
spring-summer12 3.24 MB
spring-summer13 2.47 MB
fall-winter00 3.46 MB
fall-winter01 1.98 MB
fall-winter02 3.08 MB
fall-winter03 1.37 MB
fall-winter04 2.81 MB
fall-winter05 3.22 MB
fall-winter06 2.97 MB
fall-winter07 1.32 MB
fall-winter08 2.32 MB
fall-winter09 2.75 MB
fall-winter10 1.79 MB
fall-winter11 2.30 MB
fall-winter12 2.17 MB
fall-winter13 2.25 MB