About Waseeka

Pond at Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary

With its forest that opens up to a secluded pond, Waseeka offers the opportunity to observe woodland birds and waterbirds, wildflowers, and a fire-enhanced forest with a diverse tree population.

The standing dead trees and snags in the pond provide nesting sites for bluebirds, Pileated Woodpeckers, Great Blue Herons, Ospreys, and an occasional Great Horned Owl.



Trail Mileage

1 mile
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Sanctuary Highlights

  • Great views of the pond wildlife, from birds to beavers, from the Sassafras Trail named for the tree with three different shaped leaves.
  • A mutually beneficial "beaver pipe," which helps maintain a consistent and manageable pond level suitable for the beavers.
  • Osprey nesting above the pond, from mid-spring to early fall.
  • Duck boxes that serve as nesting sites for Wood Ducks and Hooded Mergansers.
  • Programs occasionally offered through Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary.


Clinton Street, Hopkinton, MA
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Hours & Admission

Trails: Open daily, dawn to dusk
Free, donations appreciated

Property Regulations

All of the land at our wildlife sanctuaries is protected. By conserving these open spaces, Mass Audubon, along with our members and partners, is able to fulfill its mission of protecting the nature of Massachusetts.  

  • No dog walking or horseback riding; please leave all animals and pets at home (service animals welcome
  • No walking off trail  
  • No collecting or picking natural items.  
  • No bike riding or operating motorized vehicles; day passes are available for powered mobility devices   
  • No running, swimming, or camping 
  • No operating drones or other remote-controlled vehicles   
  • No fishing, hunting, trapping, or releasing of animals   
  • No feeding wildlife   
  • No smoking