Wachusett Meadow Wish List

Help make our wishes come true! Wachusett Meadow’s programs and projects often need new equipment and supplies to keep running strong. Please help support us in our efforts. Donations large and small are very much appreciated and tax-deductible.

In-Kind Donations

Do you have one more of the items listed below that you'd like to donate? If so, please call 978-464-2712 to check the status of the item(s) in question and to arrange a drop-off. 

Other Donations

If you would like to make a donation to help us purchase the items and services we need, please contact Lisa Mattson.


Disinfecting wipes
Self-hardening clay
Baking soda, cornstarch, & vinegar
Plaster of Paris
18-gallon lidded storage bins
Play sand for sandbox
Kid-sized digging shovels
Band-aids & instant ice packs
Hand warmers
Amazon gift cards

Animal Care (Sheep)

Coated-wire fencing (4ft x 50ft)
Jed’s Hardware & Garden gift cards to purchase grain (in Holden, MA)
Donations to supplement annual veterinary bills ($175 per animal)
Donations to supplement winter hay purchases ($1,500 per season)
Split-rail fencing

Conservation & Property

Black oil sunflower seed (for bird feeders)
Garden cart
Work gloves
Lantern-style flashlights
Ryobi 18V One+ 4aH High Capacity Lithium batteries
Hand pruners