Calculate the Carbon Storage of Sanctuary or Schoolyard Trees

Students will learn to measure a tree, calculate how much carbon it holds, and then calculate the carbon storage capacity of Wachusett Meadow's forests or schoolyard trees. Students will determine how many sanctuary or schoolyard trees are needed to offset their carbon footprint, as well as national and international footprints. If time, students can discuss the pros and cons of formal carbon offset programs. This program is very hands-on and involves problem-solving, the acquisition of some real-world forestry skills, a bit of tree identification, and lots of math calculations.

2.5 to 3 hours is the ideal length of time for this program. This program pairs well with the Climate Change Hike program.

*This program can be taught outside in your schoolyard following all COVID-safe guidelines. Or, invite one of our experienced teacher naturalists into your online class.

Program Location(s):

Wachusett Meadow, Princeton
Your school or other location


8, 9, 10, 11


  • At sanctuary $4 per student per hour. This program may be done at your site if there is an outdoor space. At school $4.50 per student per hour. Minimum 12 students for pricing purposes. Adult teachers and chaperones are free.

Curriculum Frameworks:

8-MS-ESS3-5 - Earth and Human Activity - human activities and global temperatures
HS-ESS2-4 - Earth's Systems - energy flow over time influences climate
HS-ESS2-6 - Earth's Systems - carbon cycle
HS-LS2-5 - Ecosystems--Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics - carbon cycle
HS-LS2-7 - Ecosystems--Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics - human activities affect on ecosystems

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