Published on January 7, 2022

Spend February Vacation at Wachusett Meadow

Girl sledding during February Vacation Week at Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary

Monday, February 21–Friday, February 25

Ages 5-12 • Full day (9 am-3 pm)

Can you imagine living outside the entire winter? How do animals stay warm and find food? What are plants doing during this sleepy time?

Explore the sanctuary with us to find out what's happening in nature during winter!

We'll play games, go on hikes, and do craft activities to learn more about how plants, insects, and animals survive the colder months of the year.

Sign up for single-day sessions, or pre-register for the whole week at a discounted price!

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NOTE: There are two age groups available each day—one for ages 5-7 and another for ages 8-12. Please double-check the session(s) in your cart to ensure you're registering your child for the appropriate age group.