Published on March 2, 2018

5 Reasons To Make Us Part of Your Homeschool Program

Homeschoolers holding up finished wreaths

Did you know that Wachusett Meadow offers programs just for homeschool students?

Our homeschool programs are designed to encourage children to connect and interact with the environment—and with each other—through investigation, science-based learning, group-building activities, and games. 

We offer both single session topics and comprehensive topics covered in a program series.

Top 5 Reasons to Make Us Part of Your Homeschooling Program


What Others Are Saying 

"Thank you so much for all that you've done for my family by running such incredible programs. The way you share your passion for nature has been a huge gift to us."

—Homeschooling Parent


Next homeschool programs start Friday, February 9!

Contact us to find out more, or to request a program for your homeschool group.

Wachusett Meadow's homeschool programs...

1. Cultivate a love of science and nature.

Whether we’re tracking bobcatstapping sugar maples, or designing a watershed, our programs make science interesting and cultivate the skills of observation and investigation.

2. Meet the needs of the entire family.

Students can stay on their own (with a brief medical form on file) or parents can stay. All are welcome, although the curriculum is geared to ages 5 and above. Wachusett Meadow also offers specific programs for older homeschoolers during certain seasons.

3. Educate students in a beautiful setting.

Students spend time learning on an 1,120-acre wildlife sanctuary with a variety of habitats, historic barns, and a resident flock of sheep. 

4. Can come to you.

Have a homeschool group or co-op? We’d be happy to lead private programs for you at our sanctuary or at a location of your choice! 

5. Involve fresh air and fun!

Most programs include indoor activities as well as time outdoors exploring the sanctuary. Participants receive handouts or “home projects” to help further their learning and to share with their families.

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