Discovering the World Around Us

Through multi-sensory discovery and investigation, students will observe the natural world using all five senses and learn how animals use their senses to understand the world around them. This program will focus on using observation skills to gather information, classify objects found in nature, and incorporate reading and writing activities. 

Program Location(s):

Tidmarsh, Plymouth
Your school or other location


Pre K, K, 1, 2


  • 1 hour program $75.00/class. $65/each additional class on the same day.
    Group size is limited to one class per presentation to allow interaction with the naturalist.

Curriculum Frameworks:

PreK-ESS2-2 (MA) - Earth's Systems - observe/classify (non)living materials
K-ESS2-2 - Earth's Systems - organisms change env.
1-LS1-1 - From Molecules to Organisms--Structures and Processes - function of plant/animal body parts
1-LS3-1 - Heredity--Inheritance and Variation of Traits - sim./diff. among indiv. plant/animal
2-LS4-1 - Biological Evolution--Unity and Diversity - observe/compare living things diff. env.

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