Published on November 21, 2019

Reflecting on 2019 & Plans for 2020

A fall hiker using binoculars to take in the view at Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Just a few weeks ago, Tidmarsh celebrated its second year. And 2019 has been a great one!

It's truly remarkable to think that this brand-new sanctuary welcomed more than 30,000 visitors for the second year in a row. That includes over 1,500 school-aged children—from all over the northeast—who made the trek to Plymouth to experience this resilient and restored natural treasure. 

We've also worked hard to continue Mass Audubon's legacy of using science to guide ecological management decisions. In 2019, we removed hundreds of pounds of invasive plant species from the sanctuary and planted 20 acres of pollinator-friendly native plants. 

Not to mention that our dedicated property staff worked day in and day out to create and maintain a trail network that is both expansive and safe for all sanctuary visitors.

Yet there is still much more to do! 

Our plans for the coming year include developing additional infrastructure onsite to help engage all of our visitors more effectively. That will involve creating an all persons accessible trail, growing our volunteer corps, launching live programs that are available to anyone worldwide, and continuing to combat climate change through both our land management and public outreach.

We'll also be working with partners to remove and restore the last culvert on the property and revert man-made structures back to a beautiful stream corridor. The latter will be part of a joint effort with the Town of Plymouth as they look to restore Foothills Preserve and return more land to nature.

But none of it will be possible without your help. Please consider giving what you can to help us continue our work of inspiring future generations by sharing this landscape of hope.

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