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All Persons Trail at Tidmarsh

Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Special Event June 3, 2023

Join us in celebrating Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary turning five! We will celebrate both the sanctuary’s natural beauty and the hard work of our property team, volunteers, and partners for their dedication to the restoration and rewilding of Tidmarsh over the last five years.

Two people birding by a fence

Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

This year, the South East Team has set a bold goal to raise $20,000 to support our Environmental Education programs. Did you know? Last year, our region provided more than $30,000 in camperships through our sliding scale and scholarship program.

NestWatch volunteers looking at a bird's nest in a birdhouse

Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

The NestWatch program is a volunteer-based project focused on collecting breeding bird data for nest-box nesting bird species. Through this volunteer program, over 170 nest boxes were monitored this year at 6 of the South East sanctuaries.

Herring in the water at Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

This past April and May, a dedicated group of 34 volunteers have been trekking out to two streams that run through Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary in order to watch the water for ten-minute intervals for signs of herring.

Volunteers digging in new garden beds at Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

There's a brand-new pollinator garden at Tidmarsh! Designed to span all seasons, this garden provides a variety of flowers to support local pollinators in their search for nectar and pollen.

All Persons Trail construction progress at Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Our property staff has been working hard on a 0.3-mile All Persons Trail that—once finished—will enable visitors of all abilities to pass through our meadow, access our overlook platform, and get close to our restored marsh areas. 

Removing dams to re-establish a free-flowing West Beaver Dam Brook at Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Mass Audubon has partnered with the Town of Plymouth to restore the town-owned Foothills Preserve as well as the West Beaver Dam Brook. We're committed to restoring, enhancing, and improving the ecosystem and natural landscape at Tidmarsh to provide quality habitat for vulnerable species.