Wetlands, Watersheds, and Water Quality

Do you know your watershed address? This introduction to wetlands and watersheds uses models andhands-on activities to define these concepts. Students will learn about the importance of water quality to the lives of plants, animals, and humans. Using chemical tests and scientific methodology, students will determine the water quality of Stony Brook's pond or a pond near your school. Students will also use macroinvertebrate sampling as a method of determining the health of a pond. Data collection and analysis techniques will be emphasized. To increase the effectiveness of this program, an in-class introduction to watersheds is suggested.

Program Location(s):

Stony Brook, Norfolk
Your school or other location


3, 4, 5


  • Children - $ 12.00
  • Adults - $ 5.00
  • Teachers and other school staff are free. Up to 6 chaperones per class are free. Additional adults are $5.00 each.

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