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Stony Brook’s educational programming furnishes students with a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Stony Brook’s staff is well versed in ecological and educational concepts.

We strive to provide only the highest quality programs, which stress hands-on, experiential learning. Each program is aligned with the Massachusetts Department of Education frameworks as well as the Benchmarks for Environmental Literacy.


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At the Wildlife Sanctuary

A School group on a wooden foot bridge

Our onsite programs take advantage of the unique features of our varied landscape to excite and motivate students. Students are encouraged to make discoveries and ask questions as they investigate, classify, think critically, and draw conclusions. Programs include activities such as using tools, gathering data, and making observations. Each program will be geared to the age level and curriculum needs of the students.

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At Your School

School kids observing with magnifying glasses at Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Staff from Stony Brook will visit your class to provide students with a broader understanding of the natural world. Programs may include interactive discussions, specimen study, and educational activities. Alternately, we can explore the woods and/or fields on school property. Observation skills and seasonal elements are emphasized.

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Preschool Programs

Preschool children looking in a pond bucket at Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Invite a Stony Brook teacher/naturalist to bring a variety of nature topics to your class. Seasonal topics, taught September through May focus on what is happening outside in our own backyards. We incorporate creative dramatics, songs and games, manipulatives, puppets, and an occasional animal into the programs to engage your preschoolers.

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Teacher Workshops

Stony Brook provides many opportunities for teachers to improve their knowledge of natural history and ecology. All workshops are designed for active participation and practical application in the classroom. Teachers can attend workshops on a variety of topics or we can design a workshop to meet your needs. Workshops can be held at Stony Brook or at your school. We are a DOE-approved PDP provider.