Published on November 29, 2018

We Have So Much to be Thankful for at Stony Brook!

Tree silloutted by sunset at Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

The holidays always seem to come at the right time. However rushed and occasionally subject to our deepest anxieties, the holidays force us to pay attention to our lives.

We find ourselves reflecting upon what’s important, those whom we love, mistakes we have made, and goals worth striving for. But mostly, we find ourselves taking the time to celebrate and give thanks.

At Stony Brook, it’s no different—we have much to cheer and many people to thank!

Doug Williams • Sanctuary Director

Looking back over this past year and recalling the conversations and experiences I’ve shared with visitors, volunteers and the staff, I can clearly see that it is this sense of community and comradery that binds us to one another. In some sense our connection with Stony Brook is what brings us all together. I am deeply thankful for the circumstances that originally brought me to Stony Brook, making it possible for me to connect with you. As I contemplate the many interactions I’ve had with you this past year, I can’t help but grin recalling sharing a sunrise on an early spring bird walk or feeling the warmth swelling in my eyes during the dedication of Peter Joy’s Garden. The folks swaying to the music of the Unlikely Strummers, the smiles on the Norfolk Lions grilling corn on the cob, or the laughter coming from the crowd urging the ducks forward during the Wood Duck Derby have me laughing out loud. Stony Brook has always been a special place, but what truly makes it so outstanding are the people that visit, work, play and study here. Thank you all for what you contribute to Stony Brook.

Don Cannon • Administrative Assistant

For me personally, I’m thankful for the many people in the community who have made us feel a part of their lives and families. A familiar face, a smile, or a question… shared laughter and occasionally tears… moments that connect us as human beings and which give us the feeling of being a part of a greater whole. These are the things that I value most. And then there are the surprises! Shared photos/videos celebrating the diversity of Nature on the sanctuary grounds. People who drop in by chance, on a whim or a journey or a quest, eager to discover a moment of tranquility or beauty or joy. I love their stories and am always eager to share mine.

Marla Cohen • Education Coordinator

I am, of course, ever thankful for the support the community gives to our camp and school programs, which each year seem to reach new heights of excellence and participation. However, I would like to send a particular shout-out to all our part-time Mass Audubon teacher naturalists for their work throughout the year and each crazy spring. We couldn’t exist without them.

Jessica Watson • Volunteer Coordinator

I am continually inspired, motivated and appreciative of the community service and dedication to Stony Brook from our volunteer crew. If there is one thing that defines our small sanctuary, it is the sense of fellowship and unity in working towards a common goal of protecting nature. The volunteer positions are as diverse as those who serve, from retirees who welcome, register and organize at the front desk, stay-home parents who collaborate and monitor the growing purple martin population, to the middle and high schoolers who religiously staff the busy Fall Fair. It is each of you that gives me hope and inspiration that together we can make a difference and create a positive change in this world we share.

Best wishes for a bright holiday season from the entire Stony Brook staff!