Trails at Stony Brook

A forest trail leads to the boardwalk entrance at Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

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Hike, explore, and enjoy Stony Brook's 2 miles of trails that offer easy access to open water; wildlife viewing on bridges and boardwalks; and meander through quiet fields, and along woodland paths. 

The Pond Loop, Sensory Trail, and Beech Grove Trail are part of Bristol Blake State Reservation, a property that is cooperatively managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and Mass Audubon. Trail maps, an interpretive sanctuary guide, and recent wildlife sightings are available at the Stony Brook Nature Center.

Sensory Trail

This 2,000-foot (round trip) accessible trail enables everyone to experience the very special nature of Stony Brook. The guide rope leads to the marsh and pond, continues through a pine forest, travels over a wetland boardwalk, and ends at a deck overlooking Teal Marsh and Kingfisher Pond. An interpretive guide is available in large print, Braille, and audio format.

Beech Grove Trail

This short loop (622 feet long) at the end of the boardwalk takes you around the perimeter of the island, which is predominantly covered with beech trees. The observation deck overlooking the marsh is a great spot for bird watching.

Pond Loop Trail

This half mile loop includes a walk through a variety of habitats along level terrain. Enjoy the varied sights and sounds from field to forest to wetland. Take your time, and you might observe a muskrat, mink, or otter dart through the underbrush and into the pond. Look for signs that animals have visited—such as tracks in the mud or snow, stripped pine cones where a squirrel may have snacked, or gnawed tree trunks that show where a beaver has visited.

Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary trail map in full color