Solar Energy at Stony Brook

roof mounted solar panels at Mass Audubon Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Stony Brook has two photovoltaic arrays mounted on the roof of the Nature Center, which total 10.2kW of energy production, 

The charts below show energy production from the two arrays. Mouseover the graph or click on any day for more detail. Choose a different date range with the buttons at the top right of the graph.

Stony Brook's first 5.28 kW solar photovoltaic array was installed in 2006. Find out more about this array >


In April of 2012, Stony Brook added an additional 20 photovoltaic solar panels to the roof of the Nature Center. These additional panels will produce 4.8 kW of energy.

The chart below shows energy production for this array. Find out more about this array >