Trails at Skunknett River

Trail at Skunknett River Wildlife Sanctuary (Photo: Rosemary Mosco)

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Explore 1 mile of trails including the Overlook Trail, where you can see views of West Pond where black-crowned night-herons, ospreys, and migrating ducks may be spotted.

Overlook Trail

Be sure to catch the peaceful views of West Pond via this short trail. This is a good spot to observe black crowned night herons, ospreys, and migrating ducks.

Atlantic White Cedar Stand

Since the breach of Skunknett’s three dams. Atlantic White Cedars, which are increasingly rare along the Atlantic coast, are regenerating along the swamp’s moist edges. You can see cedars of varying sizes at this location and enjoy their unique fragrance.

Holly Trail

This narrow trail, so named for the American hollies surrounding it, is the site of a vernal pool. These unique wetlands are breeding sites for a variety of amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates. Many of these creatures depend on temporary bodies of water for their existence. Permanent water bodies are home to fish, which consume their eggs and larvae. Notice the floating island in the center of this pool and listen for the chorusing male wood frogs here in March and April.

Trail Safety

Please stay on the trails for your safety, and the safety of wildlife. Poison ivy and ticks are common in Massachusetts, so be sure to wear proper footwear, learn how to identify each, and be on the lookout. Also bring plenty of water, especially during the summer.