Trails at Rough Meadows

Rough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary trail and marsh (Photo: Hillary Truslow)
Rough Meadows trail and marsh (Photo: Hillary Truslow)

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At Rough Meadows, you can explore 1.6 miles of well-marked trails through coastal woodlands to several viewpoints that offer panoramic views of the Great Marsh.

You will find granite benches to sit and have a snack at the end of Professor Chandler's Long Walk and on the Kestrel Trail. Sawyer's Island is a 1-mile hike from the parking area—it offers spectacular vistas and a view of an active Osprey nesting platform.

Professor Chandler’s Long Walk 

Length: 0.65 miles
Details: Leads to the eastern part of the sanctuary where there is a spectacular view of the salt marsh. It is named in honor of Professor Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., whose conservation vision protected most of this land. (Please Note: The salt marsh portion of this trail floods at high tide; plan your visit accordingly.)

Kestrel Trail 

Length: 0.19 miles
Details: A short trail that passes through a field along the edge of a woodland and offers a view into the salt marsh.

Sassafras Trail 

Length: 0.22 miles
Details: Part of a loop with Professor Chandler’s Long Walk, this trail passes through a mixed forest where sassafras trees are common.

Hickory Trail 

Length: 0.18 miles
Details: A loop off Professor Chandler’s Long Walk that meanders through an oak and hickory forest along the edge of the salt marsh.

Appy’s Way

Length: 0.22 miles (0.34 miles with extension)
Details: Named in honor of Appy Chandler—who helped make Professor Chandler’s vision a reality—this trail leads to a small hill with a view of the salt marsh, a tidal creek, and salt pannes. Take the extension to the viewpoint for a longer walk.

Please Note

Insect activity (particularly for mosquitoes) peaks in late summer at the sanctuary. Be sure to take adequate precautions if you plan to hike the trails in August or September. You may also wish to check the state's EEE and West Nile risk maps for the latest updates.