Published on April 27, 2020

The Flyover Newsletter

Ruby-crowned Kinglet copyright Thomas Zack
Ruby-crowned Kinglet © Thomas Zack

The Flyover is a weekly publication on a birds and birding in the Berkshires. Originating during the COVID-19 pandemic, these written words are a reminder to witness the birds that are all around our hills as well as the importance of taking a moment to read and reflect on the ephemerality of nature.

Each issues recaps bird sightings from the previous week in the Berkshires and the weekly momentum of migration. Finishing with a highlight of a bird that was prevalent of the previous week, we will discover a few lesser-known or unique natural history tidbits of a bird that you may never have heard-of or seen before.

Read, reflect, enjoy, and get outside to experience what flies among us.

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