Published on July 18, 2022

Welcoming All to a Sanctuary: Meet Shannon Cahill

Shannon Cahill in light hiking gear

What do you do as Pleasant Valley’s Office Manager/Site Coordinator?

Under my role as office manager, I supervise the visitor services staff. I am in charge of the gift shop and front office – essentially, anything that impacts our visitors and their experience at the sanctuary. I also serve as the registrar for public programs and our summer camp sessions. In my capacity as office manager, I plan, create, and manage content for social media and marketing initiatives. I am also the site coordinator for Pleasant Valley which means I am in charge of the scheduling and rental of our facilities. I am also the point person for the property in charge of liaising with all of our departments to be sure the sanctuary’s grounds and building are safe and supportive of our work.  

What is the most important public facing work you do? 

Part of my job is orienting our visitors to the sanctuary. A lot of our visitors are from urban areas and have never hiked, paddled, bird watched, or spent much quality time in nature. I love being the friendly face they see upon arrival and helping them map the perfect route to hike. It’s very rewarding to help someone find their "nature-legs", so-to-speak.  

What is your Favorite Mass Audubon Trail?

My favorite trail is at Pleasant Valley – I love the Beaver Lodge Trail/Yokun loop, it is great for birding and seeing beaver activity! 

What Brought You to Berkshire Wildlife Sanctuaries? 

I moved to the Berkshires in 2014 to study English/arts management at MCLA. I instantly fell in love with the outdoor recreation, mountain views, and local emphasis on culture—and decided to live here full time. I have now been a North Adams resident for 8 years! 

I was working at my alma mater as the alumni engagement associate, which took place in a traditional office setting. I quickly learned that part of my professional happiness included melding my personal passions with my career. This led me to apply for administrative positions in the environmental sector. I have always loved Mass Audubon, and when I saw the office manager position listed, it was a no-brainer for me to apply. 

If you could be any animal or bird, what would you be? 

I’d be a pigeon! I love pigeons, they’re extremely social and great problem-solvers which are two skills that I think I also have. 

What do you do in your free time? 

I’m either outside birding and journaling or home reading and hanging out with my Maine Coon cat, Moose, and my tomato frog, Pudge.  

Shannon Cahill (she/her) - Office Manager/Site Coordinator
[email protected] | 413-728-4852