Published on October 26, 2017

Annual Bird Seed Sale & Fundraiser

Stock up now for winter visitors to your bird feeders! Support our Berkshire wildlife sanctuaries while feeding your backyard friends when you purchase high quality bird seed from us.

Common Redpoll at feeder

Orders were due November 17.

Order Pick-Up

Friday, December 1, 10:00 am–4:00 pm

Pick-up at Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

Available Seed Types

Song Maker Premium Mix*
A blend of striped and black oil sunflower, sunflower chips, peanut hearts, fine cracked corn, and white millet—a good all-around mix for a variety of species.

Black Oil Sunflower*
High in energy and protein—the preferred seed for many species! Great for cardinals, grosbeaks, titmice, and nuthatches.

Sunflower Chips
The same as black oil sunflower seeds, but without the hulls! No shells means less cleanup under your feeder.

Thistle/Nyjer Seed
An excellent food for finches.

White Safflower Seed
Reputed to be tasty for birds but less desirable to squirrels.

High Energy Suet Cakes*
A favorite of woodpeckers. Will fit in standard wire suet feeders.

Nutty Treat Suet Cakes*
High-energy suet that contains peanuts.

* indicates a Blue Seal product.