Published on August 24, 2021

A Passion for Education & Partnerships: Meet Dale Abrams

Dale Abrams is the Education Manager for Mass Audubon West

What do you do as the West Education Manager?

I oversee all education programs for Mass Audubon West wildlife sanctuaries. That includes summer camps, environmental education programs for schools, field trips, afterschool programs, and professional development for teacher. I also manage all public programs for adults and families, as well as outreach programs with dozens of cultural institutions, libraries, community centers, etc. Recently I helped launch a new summer program at Mass Audubon's Laughing Brook Wildlife Sanctuary in Hampden.

What's the most exciting aspect of your work?

I'm thrilled that my new role as West Education Manager is allowing me to dedicate more time to partnering with schools and communities in Pittsfield and the greater Springfield area. We have an amazing staff of naturalists and education coordinators who lead our programs. I'm so honored to be able to support and lead our team as we take on the challenge of educating the next generation of conservation leaders who will help tackle climate change and other important issues!

What brought you to the Berkshires?

I landed in the Berkshires in 2000, coming from Colorado where I had worked for Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. I worked for Orion Magazine for a couple years and then Flying Cloud Institute up until I joined Mass Audubon in mid-2016. Soon after arriving in the Berkshires, I also joined the board of Great Barrington Land Conservancy where I volunteer my time on behalf of land conservation and community trails.

Do you have a favorite Mass Audubon trail?

The Long Bridge on the Old Woods Road Trail at Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary offers a broad vantage where you can sense the massive size of the sanctuary and how it connects to the surrounding Lenox watershed land and Kennedy Park. The quiet at Pleasant Valley is palpable.

If you could be any animal or bird, what would you be?

A raven for sure! I'd be able to fly effortlessly over the sanctuary and lend an echoing call to the wildness in the valley.