All Persons Trail at Pleasant Valley


Trail Booklet

Large Print Trail Booklet

At our Nature Center, you can pick up trail information including a guide in printed or Braille format, and a printed or tactile trail map.

We also have adaptive items available for loan including hands-free binoculars (on a tripod), audio players, a large print version of the Peterson Field Guide to Eastern Birds, and a walking cane with a small seat.

Trail Distance: Approximately 1,700 feet in length roundtrip from the office building to Pike’s Pond


  • The trail is fully accessible and follows a wide path with a smooth, packed surface.
  • It leads to a boardwalk overlooking scenic Pike’s Pond.
  • Much of the trail is level with a few moderate slopes along its route.
  • Narrated stops along the trail are marked by signs in print and Braille. Some are mounted on wooden posts, while others are affixed to other objects.

While You Are on the Trail

  • Listen for songbirds and insects
  • Feel the wind whooshing through pine boughs.

You’ll pass through old field, woodland edge, and wetland/pond communities that will enlighten you about the natural and recent human history of Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

Audio Tour

You can download the audio tour on to your personal audio player. The audio tour is also available on audio players that you can borrow during office hours.

May - October

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November - April

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