Additional Wildlife Sanctuaries

Mass Audubon’s wildlife sanctuary network includes approximately 100 properties across the state, and more than half of these sanctuaries are ready to be explored

The other wildlife sanctuaries are conserved lands that are ecologically managed and monitored, but, for the most part, do not feature trails, signage, or parking. We are working to prepare more of these sanctuaries for all to use, and we will update these pages as more become available.

In the meantime, you can learn more about these additional sanctuaries.

Of the 6 sanctuaries in the Berkshires, you can visit 4. The other 2 are conserved lands without trails. Learn more >

There are 17 wildlife sanctuaries on the North Shore. Nine feature marked trails, maps, and signage. Most of the remaining are comprised largely of wetlands and are best viewed from a distance by canoe or kayak. Learn more >

Of the 9 sanctuaries in Greater Boston, 7 welcome the public to explore well-marked trails. The other 2 are not yet ready for visitors. Learn more >

There are 22 sanctuaries south of Boston, 9 of which feature trails and signage. The other 13 are not yet ready for the public to visit. Learn more >