Winter Fun at Our Sanctuaries

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Has winter given you a bad case of cabin fever? Luckily, we offer a cure—and preventative care—at our wildlife sanctuaries across the state. Whether you’re looking to venture out with the family, get some fresh air with friends, take up a new cold-weather hobby, or any combination thereof, we’ve got you covered.

So bundle up and join us for some fun activities this winter. You’ll be glad you did!


Kids snowshoeing at Broad Meadow Brook

What better way to explore a sparkling winter landscape than with footwear that allows you to virtually float atop the fluffy stuff.

Join us for an expert-guided daytime or moonlight hike among trees, along the coast, or up a mountain. We’ll search for signs of wildlife, learn how to identify trees without their leaves, and take in stunning views of the natural landscape. (Bonus: Some outings wrap up with hot cocoa and coffee!)

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Wildlife Tracking

Moose © Chris Buelow
Moose © Chris Buelow

If you’re curious as to what’s been leaving those “footprints” in your yard, our naturalists can help solve the mystery.

At one time, being able to read tracks was vital for survival. Today, identifying signs of wildlife can teach us a lot about the animals that live in our area. We’ll head outside to learn how to distinguish the markings of deer, porcupines, fishers, foxes, bears, moose, and more. Before you know it, our naturalists will have you on your way to becoming a tracking expert.

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Winter Birding

Snowy owl © Richard Johnson

Many birds make this season special. Walk with us along the sandy beaches of Plum Island or Duxbury to glimpse winter waterbirds (think sea ducks and purple sandpipers) and other seasonal visitors such as snowy owls. Or visit the vast and tranquil Quabbin Reservoir to observe magnificent bald eagles in their natural habitat. We’ll fill you in on unique adaptations that enable these amazing creatures to survive harsh New England winters.

Want to try birding at night? Tag along on one of our owl prowls and listen for the whinnies and hoots of eastern screech-owls and great horned owls.

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Photography Workshops

Highland loop trial at Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary

Winter landscapes offer some of the most stunning photo ops: rolling hills blanketed in snow; moonlit trees lining stone walls; and shimmering seaside sunsets.

If you own a digital camera but feel like you’re not taking full advantage of its features, we can get you started with the basics as well as impart some techniques for taking better photos—including how to experiment with lighting, focus, depth of field, and composition. Afterward, we’ll head out to capture the beauty of local landscapes and wildlife.

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Adventures in Art

High Ground, painting by Robert Verity Clem
High Ground, painting by Robert Verity Clem

If appreciating the natural world from the comfort of the indoors is more your thing, you’ll want to check out the Museum of American Bird Art at Mass Audubon—home to works by John James Audubon, Charley Harper, Andy Warhol, Frank W. Benson, Alexander Wilson, and others.

Here you can connect with the outdoors through our collection of nature-inspired fine art including folk art, pop art, Impressionism, and illustration.

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