Great Gardens

Moose Hill Garden

Explore pollinator gardens, learn about beekeeping, and take garden programs at a Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuary near you.

Monarch butterfly at Mass Audubon Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary
Monarch butterfly at Long Pasture

Experience the beauty of pollinating insects and birds in one of our gardens at a wildlife sanctuary near you. Or learn more about gardening and pollinators with one of our programs.

kids gardening at Mass Audubon Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary

Have a little fun in the dirt and boost your productivity in your garden. Advanced gardeners and budding green thumbs alike can find a range of programs geared toward growing and plant maintenance. Learn More

Beehive exhibit at Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary

Ever wonder what those honeybees do to make that delicious honey? Or where they come from, how they survive, what they do for us, and why we keep them? You can learn more about bees by taking a program at one of our wildlife sanctuaries or visiting our wildlife sanctuaries that have special homes for bees.