About Old Baldy

Trees on summit overlook at Old Baldy Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the lower Berkshire Highlands ecoregion, Mass Audubon's 154-acre Old Baldy Wildlife Sanctuary is nestled within a larger area of approximately 2,000 acres of conserved land.

A short—but steep—trail to the summit provides hikers with a spectacular 360° vista of the surrounding sugar maple, white ash, and basswood forests. Along the way, look for signs of resident wildlife including moose and black bear.

The trail is now open, though parking is limited for the time being.


Norton Road, Otis, MA
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Trails: Open daily, dawn to dusk

→ For your safety and to avoid conflicts with wildlife, please follow our sanctuary guidelines during your visit and leave dogs and other pets at home.


Free, donations appreciated


Parking (very limited)



Trail Mileage

0.3 miles
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Sanctuary Highlights

  • Migratory songbird species—like Indigo Bunting, Chestnut-sided Warbler and Eastern Towhee—prefer Old Baldy for its early successional young forest and shrubland habitats.
  • Constructed piles of woody debris called "bunny huts" provide habitat for the rare New England Cottontail rabbit (not to be confused with the Eastern Cottontail, which is native to Florida but ubiquitous in Massachusetts).

Property Regulations

All of the land at our wildlife sanctuaries is protected. By conserving these open spaces, Mass Audubon, along with our members and partners, is able to fulfill its mission of protecting the nature of Massachusetts.  

  • No dog walking or horseback riding; please leave all animals and pets at home (service animals welcome
  • No walking off trail  
  • No collecting or picking natural items
  • No bike riding or operating motorized vehicles; day passes are available for powered mobility devices   
  • No running, swimming, or camping 
  • No operating drones or other remote-controlled vehicles   
  • No fishing, hunting, trapping, or releasing of animals   
  • No feeding wildlife   
  • No smoking