Young Explorers Activities at Oak Knoll

Ready for some outdoor adventure? We’ve got all kinds of fun programs and activities for you and your friends and family!

"Fairies & Trolls" birthday party at Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary
A "Fairies & Trolls" birthday party

Bring your friends and family to Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary in Attleboro for a fun, educational, outdoor birthday celebration! Parties are two hours long and specially designed for children turning 4 years and older. Learn More

Stump jump at the Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary nature play area

Ever want to know what it feels like to be a nesting bird? Hop in Oak Knoll’s giant (5’ tall and 8’ wide!) human-made bird nest constructed out of sticks and vines. Learn More

Print out the cards and see if you can be the first to find all the items in a row, column, or corner to corner! We have Bingo cards with seasonal and topic-specific nature themes. Start playing >

Kids outside in snow for a winter school vacation program at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary © Phil Doyle
Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary © Phil Doyle

Not sure what your kids should do during school vacation weeks? We offer both online and in-person school vacation camps to keep children engaged all week long! Explore programs >