Science of Massachusetts: Making Waves: Solving Climate Change in Your Watershed (6-8)

Water is essential for life, but climate change is threatening water all over the planet. Understanding how water moves through our homes, neighborhoods, state, and world can give us clues about how to solve this enormous challenge. The unit focuses on exploring our local watersheds and water within our neighborhoods, connecting those watersheds to the global movements of water, understanding how climate change is affecting the water cycle, and working towards solutions to those threats.

Program Location(s):

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6, 7, 8


  • If Mass Audubon educators are leading the synchronous lessons the base price is $150 per lesson. Sessions can be 40-60 min for same price.


    2-5 classrooms, same lessons repeated: 15% discount (price per classroom is $127.50)

    High needs school: 20% discount (price per classroom is $120)

    You can combine these - multiple classrooms in high needs school: 35% discount ($97.50 per lesson)

    If Mass Audubon educators are not leading the synchronous sessions, and we are simply providing curriculum materials, the entire unit is $100 and can be shared with any teacher in the school.

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