Science of Massachusetts: Discover Nature in Your Neighborhood (K-2)

Science helps us learn about the world around us and why things work the way they do! Join Mass Audubon educators to discover how to be a scientist exploring nature around your home or school. This unit introduces fundamental science skills and language at a developmentally appropriate level for K-2 students, with an emphasis on learning outdoors. Lessons focus on using our senses to make observations, practicing sketching and writing skills in a nature journal, and fostering excitement and curiosity for safe outdoor exploration. This unit lays the foundation to prepare students for additional Science of Massachusetts units.

Program Location(s):

Your school or other location


K, 1, 2


  • If Mass Audubon educators are leading the synchronous lessons the base price is $150 per lesson. Sessions can be 40-60 min for same price.


    2-5 classrooms, same lessons repeated: 15% discount (price per classroom is $127.50)

    High needs school: 20% discount (price per classroom is $120)

    You can combine these - multiple classrooms in high needs school: 35% discount ($97.50 per lesson)

    If Mass Audubon educators are not leading the synchronous sessions, and we are simply providing curriculum materials, the entire unit is $50 and can be shared with any teacher in the school.

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