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Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary offers a diversity of programs that were designed with the Massachusetts Department of Education frameworks in mind and cover strands in Life Science, Earth Science, History, Geography, and Math.

Whether the program takes place at your site or ours we will work with you to develop a curriculum that meets your needs and the frameworks.


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At the Wildlife Sanctuary

A boy looking at pond creatures at Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary

Through guided explorations of our woods, wetlands, pond, and marsh habitats students make inquiries, investigate, classify, think critically, and draw conclusions. Programs include activities such as using tools, gathering data, and making observations. Each program will be geared to the age level and curriculum needs of the students.

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At Your School

A boy makes a solar oven at Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary

Staff from Oak Knoll will visit your class to provide students with a broader understanding of the natural world. Programs may include interactive discussions, specimen study, and educational activities. If possible, we’ll explore the woods and/or fields on school property. Observation skills and seasonal elements are emphasized. Many of our school programs can be taught as a classroom presentation or outdoor exploration at your site.

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Adaptive Programs

Educator showing turtle to student in wheelchair

Our staff is trained to integrate and develop sensory-based programming with any theme listed in our school brochure. We aim to make nature accessible for all classrooms with special needs and considerations.

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Homeschool Programs

Homeschoolers helping in the garden at Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary

Our homeschool programs are designed to encourage children to interact with the environment through nature exploration and science-based learning and with each other through group building and games. Oak Knoll offers a variety of affordable programs including: Art in Nature, Astronomy, Botany, Chemistry in Nature, Organic Gardening, Physics in Nature, Science of Energy, Watershed Science, and a Natural History Travel program.

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Preschool Programs

Preschooler attending a program at Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary

Enhance your preschool program by offering science education at your school. Once a month enjoy a visit from an Oak Knoll teacher/naturalist, who will bring the wonder of the natural world to your classroom. Each month has a different theme such as butterflies, bats, owls, bugs and seeds. We bring all materials needed for the lesson.

These programs provide wonderful learning opportunities for your preschool students. The programs are a mix of hands-on activities, experiments, songs, demonstrations, stories and nature walks. Our programs are specially designed to strengthen listening and observation skills while teaching students about the natural world.

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