Published on May 9, 2022

Soaring into Bird-a-thon!

A group of people birdwatching with their backs to the camera

With each day bringing new sights and sounds of breeding birds and spring migration, the countdown is underway for Bird-a-thon 2022, Mass Audubon’s annual fundraiser, scheduled for May 13-14.

Last year our South East Bird-a-thon team and their supporters raised $18,000, essential funds that allowed us to continue our education and wildlife conservation programs across Southeastern Massachusetts including Allens Pond, Daniel Webster, Great Neck, North River, Oak Knoll and Tidmarsh.

The 24-Hour Challenge

As in previous years, we will deploy a team of passionate community members across the state, some new to birding, others who have honed their skills for years, to try to find the greatest number of species in just 24 hours, beginning Friday, May 13th at 6 pm. It’s a friendly competition with 12 other Mass Audubon regions and programs. Last year’s winner (sadly, not us…) recorded a total of 274 species. Our South East team is determined to better that total this year and invite you to join us. 

Enjoying Nature Your Way

You don’t have to travel or bird through the night to help us reach our goal! You can still help us make Bird-a-thon a fundraising success from the comfort of your porch or a window by watching birds in your yard or just taking a walk. Do you own tally of birds, or simply enjoy a beautiful spring day! Looking to challenge yourself while you're birding? Here are some fun, family-friendly activities to engage the entire family whether your indoors or out.

Join Our Team

Whether birding competitively or just enjoying time outdoors during Bird-a-thon weekend, all participants are eligible for fundraising incentives and prizes. Of course, individual donations are also welcome. However you choose to help, you’ll be supporting our beautiful sanctuaries and our locally-based conservation programs, such as salt marsh restoration, frosted elfin sandplain habitat restoration, and diamondback terrapin nest protection.

Please click here to learn more about our South East Team, our fundraising priorities and how to you can help us Soar into Bird-a-thon 2022!