Green Features at Oak Knoll

Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary is doing its part to leave a lighter footprint on the environment by utilizing green technology.

Conserving Energy

  • Energy and lighting audit completed and recommendations implemented
  • Additional insulation has been installed and the building has been airsealed
  • All CFL light bulbs have been replaced with LED light bulbs
  • Fluorescent tubes will be replaced with LED tubes
  • Occupancy sensor light control in bathrooms
  • Oil furnace replaced with high-efficiency natural gas furnace
  • Refrigerator has been replaced with EnergyStar model
  • Replaced computer monitors with energy efficient monitors
  • Programmable thermostats installed
  • Electric-powered property management equipment purchased and in use
  • Recycling program

Buying Electricity Generated from Renewable Sources

  • 100% green electricity purchased from Green Energy Consumers Alliance (New England Wind product) for all electricity not produced on site

Generating Renewable Energy

Conserving Water

  • 3 low-flow toilets installed
  • Installed rain barrel for watering gardens
  • In process of purchasing and installing water bottle filling station

Enhancing Energy Education

  • Interpretation of energy and water conservation features and photovoltaic array
  • Photovoltaic array electricity production on internet in real time