Life Between the Tides

Bring your students to the beach for a saltwater exploration to learn what lives between the tides. Go on a scavenger hunt in search of crabs, discover different kinds of shells, and watch for birds feeding on the shore. Learn about special adaptations that allow plants and animals to survive in this sandy, salty habitat.

Program Location(s):

Your school or other location


K, 1, 2


  • Fees:
    1 hour, $7.00/student (min $140)
    1.5 hours, $8.00/student (min $160)
    2 hours, $9.00/student (min $180)
    *Minimum fees based on average of 20 students/class.

Curriculum Frameworks:

K-ESS2-2 - Earth's Systems - organisms change env.
K-LS1-1 - From Molecules to Organisms--Structures and Processes - where animals and plants get food
1-LS1-1 - From Molecules to Organisms--Structures and Processes - function of plant/animal body parts
2-ESS2-1 - Earth's Systems - wind/water's effect on land
2-LS2-3 (MA) - Ecosystems--Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics - how plant/animals depend on surroundings

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