North River Field’s Edge Quest

Trail at North River © John Galuzzo, Mass Audubon
© John Galuzzo

The first non-indigenous settlements in the New World took place along the oceans and seaward running rivers of the North American continent. Juxtaposition to the ocean meant access to trade; life on a river provided a source of power and food.

The North River Wildlife Sanctuary shares the best of both worlds, and a former resident of the land, Hannah Eames, certainly knew this fact. She found yet a third source of comfort, a trickling brook meandering through the woods. Try the Field’s Edge Quest, and you'll find out why she found this spot so special.

This is one of twelve Mass Audubon Quests, designed to help you discover the special stories of our wildlife sanctuaries. On an hour-long walk, you'll follow the rhyming clues to navigate and learn about this sanctuary's wildlife, habitats, and land use history. You can download this Quest here, or pick up a printed copy at the sanctuary. Enjoy your adventure!