Published on June 16, 2022

New Faces Around the South East

You may see some new faces on your next visit to a Mass Audubon South East sanctuary! We're thrilled to welcome these new members to our amazing team of staff.

Meet Our Environmental Trainees

Blythe - Environmental Trainee

Hi, I am Blythe!

Earlier this spring I graduated from Bristol Community College with an environmental science degree. In the upcoming fall I plan on attending UMass Dartmouth as a conservation biology major to further my schooling for my career path. Over the course of the summer, I am hoping to gain experience in the field while working with the Mass Audubon at several different sites. It is very exciting to have this opportunity to learn more about the beach ecosystems of Westport and Dartmouth MA!

Environmental Trainee - Abby

Hi, my name is Abby.

I am a rising senior at Roger Williams University majoring in biology with a minor in environmental science. I hope to work with animals or the environment in the future and I am loving every minute of being a trainee! It is amazing to wake up every day and know that I am making a difference by protecting our wildlife. 

Environmental Trainee - Jenna

I'm Jenna.

I am a sophomore at Gordon College studying Biology with a concentration in Environmental Science. Fun fact, Jenna means “little bird” in French! It’s no wonder that I’ve always been absolutely mesmerized, passionate, and in love with birds. I graduated from Bristol County Agricultural High School where I had the privilege to work with various species of wildlife. My hands-on experience and education confirm my deep desire to work in the great outdoors alongside all living things. The Environmental Trainee role provides the unique opportunity to gain the knowledge, insight, and valuable skills needed to serve as an advocate and leader for conservation. Working together, we can connect, appreciate, and teach others about the complex ecological system and help fulfill Mass Audubon’s important mission, to protect the nature of Massachusetts for people and wildlife.

Meet Our Office Staff

Office Staff - Sterling

Hi, I’m Stirling.

I’m joining Mass Audubon at North River for the summer! I’m new to Massachusetts, but I’ve totally fallen in love with the area’s natural beauty, and I can’t wait to spend time in some of the most spectacular places in the state. I’m originally from climate-vulnerable South Florida and Arctic Norway, so I focus on climate insecurity and adaptation policy. I just got back from a Norwegian graduate program, before which I worked in D.C. thinktanks and received a B.A. from the University of North Carolina. Before heading off for a public policy degree this fall, I look forward to learning how conservation supports climate-resilient communities, and how science education can foster climate activism.

Office Staff - Anthony

Hello everyone! My name is Anthony.

I am the new Office Manager at our Oak Knoll sanctuary in the South East Region of Mass Audubon.  I have spent years working retail jobs and making my way up in different companies and proving myself as an employee.  After years of retail experience, however, I found that sort of work has not been fulfilling to me and I am lucky enough I have found fulfillment within Mass Audubon. Growing up I always knew my dream job would be working with the environment and conservation efforts and I am so grateful my fulltime job gets to be helping the public and our state with those efforts.