Trails at Nashoba Brook

Trail at Nashoba Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

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Nashoba Brook Wildlife Sanctuary is growing. Through the generosity of the Emmet Family, the trails of Emmet Woods are now open to visitors. This expanded trail system is the first of a two-phase program to update maps, trails, and visitor services at Nashoba Brook. 

Nashoba Brook 

Woodland Loop Trail 

Length: 0.5 miles
Details: Trail starts at the parking lot. Take the short loop trail through a white pine-oak forest, wetland habitat, past Vine Brook, a bog, and also a pond.

Emmet Woods

Emmet Woods is located on the opposite side of Route 225. Please note there is no parking. To visit the Emmet Woods trails, take a right at the Nashoba Brook Wildlife Sanctuary parking lot entrance and walk for 215 yards on the side of the road. The entrance is the access to a hay field directly across from a white house. Pets are not allowed.

Access Trail

Length: 0.17 miles
Details: This trail provides access to the Emmet Woods trails network.

Alan Emmet Loop Trail

Length: 1.2 miles
Details: This loop encircles the trail network and provides access to the Folly and Hermit Thrush Trails and enables you to determine different trail routes. It passes Cave Rock, an interesting glacial boulder and, for the most part, travels through a pleasant oak hardwood forest interspersed by stone walls.

Folly Trail

Length: 0.27 miles
Details: This north-south trail bisects the center of the trail network. Look for the Folly, an ornamental structure used in landscape architecture that often represents ancient ruins.

Hermit Thrush Trail

Length: 0.28 miles
Details: An east-west trail that also bisects the trail network. A bench is located at its intersection with the Folly Trail. Portions of this trail travel adjacent to a stone wall.

Trails at Emmet Woods
Emmet Woods Trail Map