About Nahant Thicket

Song Sparrow at Nahant Thicket (Photo: Rosemary Mosco)
Song Sparrow (Photo: Rosemary Mosco)

At just four acres, Nahant Thicket is among Mass Audubon’s smallest wildlife sanctuaries. Yet, it’s an inviting spot for hundreds of migrating songbirds such as warblers, vireos, and thrushes passing through each year.

A short trail winds through “the Thicket”—a tiny patch of red maple swamp, brushy tangles, and a traversing stream.


Furbush Road, Nahant, MA 
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Trails: Open daily, dawn to dusk


Free, donations appreciated


2 parking spaces located on Furbush Road (not plowed in winter)



Trail Mileage

0.25 miles

Sanctuary Highlights

  • Coastal marine waters across the street from the sanctuary where loons, grebes, ducks, and seabirds often occur in variety and abundance during the winter.
  • Migrant birds at their most diverse in May, September, and October.
  • Butterflies during summer and fall.