Moose Hill CSA Work Options & Hours for Shareholders

Shareholders weeding the fields


Shares for Summer 2018 are still available! To register, email us or call 781-784-5691.

From the beginning, the Farm has relied upon work hours provided by shareholders given over the season as the best way to help connect our shareholders with our land, with our crops, with us, and with each other. We ask that each share provides us 8 hours of work over the course of the entire season. Over the years, we have added opportunities so that every day of the week has an option for our shareholders.

In order to best track commitments, we ask shareholders to choose one of the following options for the season: Buy-Out or Harvest/Weed/Distribution. After registration, please check your confirmation for a link with additional information about the CSA and for shareholders to make their choice.

Buy-Out Option

While we love having shareholders join us in the fields, we realize that sometimes this commitment provides a burden for individuals and families. So if you love fresh, organic vegetables, but getting dirty in the fields or finding the time in a busy schedule keeps you from committing time to work with us, you now have a choice to buy-out your work commitment. This will allow us the opportunity to plan for our summer so that we can be sure to bring in the full harvest for our shareholders.

More information on this option will be sent to registrants with their confirmation upon the completion of registration.

Work Options

Work Hours Sign-Up 

Shareholders should review the calendar and sign up for the timeslots you wish to work. 

Choose Your Hours >

We ask that our shareholders provide 8 hours of work on the farm.  (Just to be clear, that’s not 8 hours per week, it’s 8 hours for the entire season). This helps us to keep costs lower and gives shareholders an opportunity to be in the fields, with our staff, knowing exactly where their food comes from while discovering some of the challenges of organic farming. We will have a calendar available before the start of the season so that shareholders can sign up for their options and time slots.

Harvesting & Weeding

Harvesting is a great way to learn about how the farm is run and about how different crops are grown. A good physical workout with lots of bending and lifting; be prepared to get dirty. During the morning we will bunch and box items as we go.

Weeding helps our crops grow stronger. A good physical workout with lots of bending; be prepared to get dirty. While some morning hours may involve weeding, especially on weekends, we also provide some evening opportunities for weeding if you are unable to make a weekday morning commitment.

Harvest & Weeding Hours

Harvesting takes place rain, shine, or high heat. Weeding will take place in light rain, shine, or high heat. For either option, you should bring water, sunscreen, a hat, and snacks if you need them. Shorts are fine, but no sandals or flip-flops.

  • Sunday 9-11:30 am
  • Monday 7-10 am or 9 am-noon
  • Tuesday 5-7 pm
  • Wednesday 7-10 am or 9 am-noon
  • Thursday 5-7 pm
  • Friday 7-10 am or 9 am-noon
  • Saturday 9-11:30 am


Distribution allows shareholders who love learning about the crops to share what they learn with fellow shareholders, including recipes and storage tips. You will help with shareholder check-in, restock vegetables, help with pick-your-own, and clean-up at the end of the distribution. Although you will not get as dirty as those harvesting or weeding, you will see some dirt attach itself to you—it’s a farm after all.

There is some lifting involved and distribution will take place rain, shine, or high heat! You will want to bring water, snacks if you need them, and a good sense of humor—we suggest no sandals or flip-flops as you may need to go to the fields to assist other shareholders or oversee the pick-your-own.

Distribution Hours

Distribution happens on specific days, the available times to fulfill work hour requirements are:

  • Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, from 3:45-7:15 pm

Additional Information

During each option, you will work alongside our CSA manager, apprentices, farmhands, and other shareholders. Worried that you don’t know how to harvest (or to weed), no worries, you are not alone and you will get to make some new friends as you learn!

We welcome children to help in the fields; it’s a great way for them to be a part of the process of farm to table, learning where their food comes from and how it grows. However, their time is not counted towards the work hour requirement for shareholders.

Prefer not to do a buy-out, but the options listed provide a hardship for you? Please contact us at before the season starts as we have a limited number of other, non-physical, work options available.