Moose Hill Nature Day Camp | Sample Schedule

Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary campers

At camp, no two days are alike; but this sample schedule gives an idea of activity types and daily flow.

7:15-8:55 am

Before Camp Program (Optional)

This optional activity period takes place inside the visitor center. Campers may choose from a variety of quiet activities, including building with Legos or Lincoln Logs, reading, drawing, or playing card games.

8:50-9:20 am

Camper Check-In & Choice Time

Counselors welcome their campers, hand out nametags, and help them to decide which activity to try during this supervised, free choice time. Campers can pick from active games, creating simple arts and crafts projects, catching insects, building gnome homes, or simply hanging out with friends. The drop-off period is flexible and can be extended for all except Adventure Camp since the van may leave as early as 9:10 am.

9:20-9:35 am

Opening Circle & Songs

The whole camp joins together to answer a nature-inspired Question of the Day, learn about what special activities await them, and sing silly camp songs! 

9:35-10:15 am

Theme of the Day Intro & Snack

Each small group has its own daily theme that supports nature and science learning. Activities and objectives are unique to each age group.

10:15 am-Noon

Activities, Explorations, & Hikes

Groups explore the trails and habitats as they learn more about their themes. This may include activities such as catching frogs, looking for caterpillars, or searching for signs of deer, to name just a few.

Noon-1:15 pm

Lunch & Choice Time

1:15-3:40 pm

Activities, Explorations, Crafts, Snack, & Reflection

Camp counselors reinforce concepts about the Theme of the Day through special art projects and games. We even find time to include camper favorites such as Sponge Tag, Drip-Drip-Drop, and for older campers, Capture the Flag, in the pine forest.

3:40-3:55 pm

Closing Circle & Songs

The whole camp comes together to share what they have learned and sing songs. 

3:55-4:10 pm

Camper Pick-Up

4:00-6:00 pm

After Camp Program (Optional)

During this optional period, campers can choose from a variety of activities that may include active games, quiet table games or reading.

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“I love learning about animals and exploring the woods with my friends.” —Jonathan, age 5