Watersheds and Wetlands

Following an interactive demonstration of watershed function, students take to the trails and use a contour map to study how the shape of the land directs water flow. Compare wetland versus upland soils and learn to identify some wetland indicator plants. Play a game that demonstrates the importance of wetland protection.
This 2-hour program may be combined with another program to create a full-day of hands-on learning that can serve up to 130 students. Full day programs are offered at a significant savings; see pricing information.

Program Location(s):

Moose Hill, Sharon
Your school or other location


6, 7, 8


  • Children - $ 10.00
  • Adults - $ 5.00
  • The cost for this program goes up after June 1 to $14 a student for the 2 hour program.

Curriculum Frameworks:

7-MS-ESS2-4 - Earth's Systems - solar radiation/gravity drive water cycle

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