Native American Life Classroom Presentation

During this program students will experience various aspects of local tribal life and gain respect for the people of the Wampanoag and Massachusetts tribes. We offer 4 stations: 1) The Food Station--see foods that were gathered and grown, and use a rock to grind corn; 2) The Wetu (home) Station--observe how the home was built when you visit our wetu, learn the roles of men and women in the tribe, see animal hides; 3) The Craft Station--discover the items used for decoration, learn about symbolism and make your own story necklace;  4) the Game Station--learn about the importance of play in developing necessary skills, learn wisdom through hearing a legend, and play games; and 5) The Tool station, where students learn what common tools were used and what they were made from. Including a bow drill or friction fire kit. 


Program Location(s):

Your school or other location


3, 4, 5


  • One classroom, 2 stations, 55-minutes: $120
    One classroom, 3 stations, 75-minutes:$160
    One classroom, 4 stations, 100-minutes: $210
    Two classrooms, 4 stations, 100-minutes: $420
    Three classrooms, 3 stations, 75-minutes: $480
    Four classrooms, 4 stations, 100-minutes: $800

    Group size is limited to one class per presentation to allow interaction with the naturalist. Additional naturalists are available so students can move between the stations. A surcharge may be added to schools beyond a 30-minute drive.

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