Maple Sugaring Season k-2

Visit Moose Hill's maple sugaring operation during this magical time as winter turns to spring. Learn first-hand that trees make sugar and the process needed to create syrup! Students will learn how tree function changes through the seasons; observe tools used by Native Americans, Colonial farmers and today's workers; and savor the different tastes of maple sap and syrup. Offered during February and March only.
Significant savings are offered when you select a second program to create a full-day of hands-on learning at Moose Hill. Because of our large trail system and full-day option, we can serve up to 130 students for many programs. We provide a ratio of one Moose Hill teacher-naturalist to 12 to 14 students.

Program Location(s):

Moose Hill, Sharon
Your school or other location


Pre K, K, 1, 2


  • Children - $ 10.00
  • Adults - $ 9.00

Curriculum Frameworks:

PreK-ESS3-1 (MA) - Earth and Human Activity - how humans use local resources
PreK-ESS3-2 (MA) - Earth and Human Activity - people's activity impact on local env.

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