Landscapes and Runoff In Class

Build your own landscape and test its permeability to connect land use with pollution and flooding. Discover local examples of pollution and flooding, and how we can build a better world.

This program is a Specialty Program because it includes an art element. Please see our Specialty Pricing for more details.

Landscapes and Runoff is a part of a two-part program series with 1x in-class program and 1x field trip program. You may choose to book only the in-class or field trip program, but we recommend booking both for deeper engagement.

Program Location(s):

Your school or other location


3, 4, 5


  • Standard In-Class Pricing: $155 for the first hour, $125 per hour for additional hours
    Specialty In-Class Pricing with an Animal or Art Element: $250 for the first hour, $155 per hour for additional hours
    Tier 1 Low-Income Schools are eligible for a 20% discount, and Tier 2 Low-Income Schools are eligible for a 30% discount

Curriculum Frameworks:

4-ESS1-1 - Earth's Place in the Universe - erosion and deposition shapes landscape
4-ESS2-1 - Earth's Systems - mechanical weathering
4-ESS3-2 - Earth and Human Activity - solutions to natural disaster impact
5-ESS2-1 - Earth's Systems - water cycle model
5-ESS3-1 - Earth and Human Activity - ways to reduce resource use by humans

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