Indian Pathways

Come and visit Moose Hill and view the forest and fields as local Native Americans did - seeing the earth as your source of food, medicine, and shelter. Listen and learn from a legend told many years ago and visit a wigwam. Learn how knowledge of the forests and fields was necessary for survival and see if you can find what Indians used as a cup, bowl, and hair-brush.
Significant savings are offered when you select a second program to create a full-day of hands-on learning at Moose Hill. This program combines well with Maple Sugaring Season, Senses Galore, and Homes are Habitats. Because of our large trail system and full-day option, we can serve up to 130 students for many programs. We provide a ratio of one Moose Hill teacher-naturalist to 12 to 14 students.

Program Location(s):

Moose Hill, Sharon


Pre K, K, 1, 2


  • Children - $ 8.00
  • Adults - $ 9.00
  • This 2-hour program may be combined with another program to create a full day learning experience. Full day programs are offered at a significant savings. Speak to the Moose Hill education coordinator to schedule your program. One adult (teacher or chaperone) is free for every 6 students; additional adults are charged the student rate. Minimum fee is based on 10 participants per Moose Hill teacher naturalist scheduled for your program. Read your confirmation letter for additional information.

Curriculum Frameworks:

Comp Health: Personal and Community Health: Ecological Health (PreK-12)
Eng Lang Arts: Language: Discussion (PreK-12)
Eng Lang Arts: Language: Questioning, Listening, and Contributing (PreK-12)
Eng Lang Arts: Language: Vocabulary and Concept Development (PreK-12)
Science: Life Science: Characteristics of Living Things (PreK-2)
Science: Earth Science: Earth's Materials (PreK-2)
Science: Earth Science: Periodic Phenomena (PreK-2)
Science: Technology: Engineering Design (PreK-2)

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