Erosion and Landforms

Walk on trails to experience varieties in terrain, observe erosion and discover two methods used to slow erosion; play an active game that simulates water flowing downhill and how plant cover reduces erosion; and work as a team to create a model that maps the shapes and types of landforms and bodies of water at Moose Hill.

Program Location(s):

Moose Hill, Sharon


3, 4, 5


  • Children - $ 10.00
  • Adults - $ 5.00
  • By selecting a second program to create a full-day of hands-on learning you receive a significant discount. Full day rates start at $14 per student depending upon the programs selected. We can serve up to 130 students for full day programs. We provide one Moose Hill teacher naturalist per 12 to 14 students. One adult (teacher or chaperone) is free for every 6 students; additional adults are charged. The minimum fee is based on 10 participants per Moose Hill teacher naturalist scheduled for your program. Contact the Moose Hill education coordinator to learn more and to schedule your program. The cost for this program goes up after June 1 to $14 a student for the 2 hour program.

Curriculum Frameworks:

2-ESS2-4 (MA) - Earth's Systems - observe how wind/water shape landforms
4-ESS1-1 - Earth's Place in the Universe - erosion and deposition shapes landscape

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