Bird Language

The communication network of birds is a vast, complex, and
delicate instrument. Pressure to survive, evade predators,
and find food has shaped our winged companions’ perceptive
and communicative capacities. The calls, postures, and other
behaviors of birds convey much information to those who
understand their patterns. The attentive, trained observer can
deduce through bird language the location of predators and
other actions on the landscape.

This program will teach students the 5 common calls of birds and how they can help people read what is happening on the landscape.

Program Location(s):

Moose Hill, Sharon
Your school or other location


9, 10, 11, 12


  • Children - $ 10.00
  • Adults - $ 5.00
  • By selecting a second program to create a full-day of hands-on learning you receive a significant discount. Full day rates start at $14 per student depending upon the programs selected. We can serve up to 130 students for full day programs. We provide one Moose Hill teacher naturalist per 12 to 14 students. One adult (teacher or chaperone) is free for every 6 students; additional adults are charged. The minimum fee is based on 10 participants per Moose Hill teacher naturalist scheduled for your program. Contact the Moose Hill education coordinator to learn more and to schedule your program.

Curriculum Frameworks:

HS-LS2-7 - Ecosystems--Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics - human activities affect on ecosystems

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