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Through field studies and classroom explorations, Mass Audubon school programs provide hands-on, inquiry based experiences with science content and practices. Our educators enhance students’ scientific understanding of species and habitats; ecological concepts such as food webs, cycles, systems, adaptation, and evolution; climate change; and interrelationships between people and nature. 

Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary is home to nearly 2,000 acres of natural habitat, 20 miles of trails, an organic farm, and a seasonal maple sugaring operation. On a field trip, students will have the opportunity for experiential learning in a diversity of forest, field, and vernal pool habitats, and a boardwalk that runs through a red maple wetland.

Group of kids walking in the woods during April Vacation 2021 program at Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary

Program Types

In-School and At the Sanctuary

Moose Hill offers field trips programs for schools at the wildlife sanctuary, in-school programs led by a Mass Audubon teacher naturalist, and hybrid programs that incorporate both an in-class and in-the-field experience. Download the Metro South School Programs Brochure to learn more about our offerings and contact us to design the right program for your needs.

Preschool Programs

These programs provide wonderful learning opportunities for your preschool students. Our in-class and field trip programs are a mix of hands-on activities, stories, animal encounters, and art projects. Our programs are specially designed to strengthen listening and observation skills while teaching students about the natural world. 


Our homeschool classes are designed to expose children to the wonders of nature through outdoor exploration, hands-on activities, science inquiry, and quiet reflection. Homeschool groups are welcome to schedule any of our regular school programs (see the brochure) or call us to customize a program to meet your needs.

Teacher Workshops

Mass Audubon works with districts and schools to engage Pre-K–Grade 12 teachers in meaningful professional development experiences that immerse teachers in the science of nature and the nature of science, furthering teacher expertise in nature-based learning, climate change, environmental literacy, environmental justice, or inquiry-based science. Our instructors are experienced educators, deeply interested in the experiences of teachers, and able to relate to the challenges of classroom teaching.

Mass Audubon offers both school-based PD programs to engage an entire grade level team or department in a deep dive on a particular topic or unit, as well as virtual and in-person public workshops throughout the year that are open to any educator.  

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