Moose Hill Quests

Stop 4 on one of Moose Hill's Quests
Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary

Mass Audubon Quests 

These are two of 13 Mass Audubon Quests, designed to help you discover the special stories of our wildlife sanctuaries. Follow the rhyming clues to navigate and learn about this sanctuary's unique wildlife, habitats, and history.

You can download the Quests here, or pick up printed copies and Quest Packs at the sanctuary.

Enjoy your adventures!

Vernal Pool Quest

Welcome to the Moose Hill Vernal Pool Quest.
We're pleased to have you as our guest.
Follow the clues to the Vernal Pool,
It's a habitat that's really cool.

This Quest explores our Vernal Pool Trail. The length of the quest is under two miles and takes approximately 90 minutes. There is a shorter option that is under one mile and about 45 minutes. 

Download the Quest

Kettle & Pine Trail Quest

Through the old parking lot,
Into the trees (some have knots).
Walk south until you come across the post
The trail sign for Ovenbird Trail will help you the most.

This Quest follows our Kettle Trail. The length of the full quest is about two miles and takes approximately 90 minutes. There is a shorter option that follows the Pine Trail, which is less than one mile and takes about 30 minutes. 

Download the Quest

Red Maple Swamp Quest Pack

→ Check out a backpack for this quest at the front desk; the pack contains fun supplies to use along this adventure. 

This interactive Quest explores the Billings Loop Trail that goes through our beautiful red maple swamp. As you walk along the trail, complete a scavenger hunt and a bingo sheet. Have fun using the dip net and container to dip into the swamp and see what creatures you find.

An Eagle Scout generously created this Quest and donated the supplies. Thank you, Eagle Scouts!

Climate Change Quest Pack

→ Check out a backpack for this quest at the front desk, as it contains all the necessary supplies for this adventure. 

In this Quest, you'll follow the route marked on the map (included in the backpack) and read the descriptions of each stop as you come to them. Each stop has fun prompts and activities to learn about climate change, the ways it affects us here at Moose Hill, and ways that you can help.